Alpha 6 Snake Byte Brush Set - for outlines and smooth long strokes


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Alpha 6 CorporationDescription:

ever wondered what brush all the Influencer Artists are using to create those satisfying long thin outlines? look no further we have just the brush set for you

Alpha 6 Snake Bytes are perfect for long outlines, stripe work, scrolling and small lettering! Size 0, 1 and 2.


Note from the Artist importing the Colours:

Alpha6Corp is a United States based company specialising in Leather and Acrylic Paints. They are trusted by numerous Artist working with Leather, Fabric, shoes, Signboards , and what not. T
hese colours are perfect for a DIY project done at home to a professional art project in the studio.
I want to source only the best Art materials and make them available in Australia and New Zealand. I personally have struggled to buy good products in Australia, and would love to bridge the gap for fellow artists. The world is getting smaller and smarter everyday and we should not be left behind cause of the remoteness. So here I am taking the leap of faith and bringing the beautiful products that other artists are enjoying in the world. If you are obsessing over a certain Art product that is not available in Australia please don't hesitate to let us know, we will try our best to get them in our store.

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