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  • Designed by an Artist
  • Case size 24 x 16cm, Page Size 20.7 x 14cm 
  • Made from 200 g/m² paper, cold-pressed on both sides of the page, acid free
  • Ivory Colour Pages: A smooth, warm, and welcoming canvas that accentuates your every word and sketch.
  • 30 pages (60  sides) Perfect for 30 day challenge 
  • Hard cover - Provides a surface for writing and sketching wherever your day takes you.
  • Metal Binder Sketchbook
  • Faux Leather in 6 beautiful colours
  • Belt closure - Enfolds your freehand notes and sketches, and anything else you tuck between the pages.
Story behind this book: 
I will take this opportunity  to introduce my Perfect Journal.
Being an artist I have gone through countless sketchbook, each had their pros and cons, being able to design my ideal journal was a very cool opportunity.
I needed a book where I can remove and reattach the pages so the colours wont bleed to other pages. Also I am not big fan of folded pages, they make the making process a little difficult.
Another thing is the pages and they place in the queue  keep changing their importance.. so to have the liberty to switch them around was important to me.
The quality of paper is obviously important and hence chose the best quality Ivory colour 200gsm hand pressed paper for gouache and watercolour, the page doesn’t crinkle and the texture is just divine. Kept the size at A5(14.3 cm X 20.6 cm ) So it's portable and caters to a ‘Journal feel’.
The number of pages are 30!! I have countless number of art books which are not even half filled as I find cute journals and loose interest in old one! Now 30 makes for the perfect number of paintings to create a compelling story line and not overwhelm the artist with empty pages. Also its perfect for a 30 day challenge..
Finally the look!!! I need a book that encourages me to keep coming back to it. The leather jacket, belt , metal leaf everything works!! The jackets are available in 6 beautiful colours each having their own appeal to add to your collection!
So start your 30 day challenge with this beautiful journal !

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