How to make the perfect Coffee soap for all skin types

Coffee truly can solve all your problems including cleansing and exfoliation of your skin. We have been experimenting with all soap bases and proportions of coffee grounds to soap and are happy to report the BEST COMBINATION you could ever hope for.

The reason this soap works for everyone is that it has a scrubby and exfoliating side, for the parts of your body that need a deeper cleansing and then on the other side, it's soft and nourishing for the more sensitive part. Each body is different and requires the consideration and care that can't be store bought which is why this recipe works. Waste no time, create your own soap with the following recipe and thank us later.


We believe in the philosophy of ‘KISS’ Keep It Simple Silly so the ingredients are minimal and are as follows:

  1. Shea butter soap base 125gm / bar
  2. Coffee grounds - fresh or Air dried used grounds
  3. Fragrance oil of your choice - I use Jasmine
  4. Silicon mould to set your soap
  5. Container to melt your soap 
  6. A pipette or a dropper for transferring oil
  7. Knife to cut the base
  8. Spoon / spatula to mix 


  1. Start by cutting the Shea butter soap base in smaller more manageable pieces. We use Shea butter as it offers the nourishment in contrast to the exfoliation that comes with the coffee ground. Alternatively you can also use Goat Milk soap base if that suits your skin type. 
  2. Fill the container close to 75% in a microwave friendly container. Also add a few drops of water before you microwave it on high setting for 3 minute. Sir the base once every 30 sec. and continue melting till melted all the way through.
  3. Add your choice of fragrance oil (1-2% dosage) to your melted Soap and fill your mould half way and allow it to set at room temperature. This is going to be the nourishing and soft side of your soaps
  4. Once set melt rest of your soap with few drops of water, in the same way you melted the first batch. Now add your coffee grounds and fragrance oil to your melted soap. For the coffee ground, I prefer using used coffee grounds - it's an excellent way to recycle and maximise the coffee we all love. Make sure to completely dry them to avoid getting mould. These grounds will also be softer on your skin as compared to freshly grounded.
  5. Pour the mix over your half set mold and let them cool down at room temperature.
  6. Unmold and enjoy your soap. They make for the best party favours and gift. Enjoy your morning bath and don't forget to share your experiences with us


Thank you for following our recipe. We are using the soap base and fragrances from the Makroo website 



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